Two in a Pew

This morning I had a profound spiritual experience at Mass in the Roman Catholic church next door. I went to church with young Michelle. She was pretty in a yellow blouse and long printed skirt with flowers to match. Michelle is in her twenties, an on-again-off-again street girl recovering at Leipzig Serenity Retreat from drug use. Three […]

Johnny Cash

It was a special Saturday afternoon, October 5, 2013, when a guest speaker came to present the life of Johnny Cash on a PowerPoint presentation in the Tea Room. Normally we are left to fend for ourselves on Saturdays, except for a mid-morning meeting. We used to go to Saskatoon Saturday afternoons, a 1 ½-hour […]

Must Not Lose It

I struggle with being an addict. It is a life-long curse, never-ending. It is a constant awareness to stay away from the drug that leads to death, a constant battle to avoid the temptation of escaping from facing life. …that wonderful feeling of euphoria that happened only once the first time, becoming instantly an elusive […]

In Recovery

In response to a Christmas letter I sent to friends, someone suggested I write a personal narrative so that the preachy-ness I try so hard to avoid might disappear. Well! Perhaps telling the story how I overcame loneliness during a dark day in my journey would carry more reality than lofty suggestions, my friend surmised. […]