The technical process for producing each story in this website was challenging at first. I started by writing a story out in longhand with a cup of coffee beside me. Then I would go to my Big Mac to type it and send it by email to my daughter Lara. She designed the website.

“There must be an easier way,” I thought.

Sitting later in a restaurant with my daughter Rebecca, she showed me how, with a program called Notes, I could speak the story into my cell phone, have it converted instantly into text and sent away for publication with just a few keypad strokes. I sent a picture with each story.

The project grew from a dozen samples to an anthology of close to 100 stories.

Now that I’m finished, I see my life scrolling down with words and pictures in a website I hope to re-arrange into a book with the same name. It’s a legacy I have long longed to leave for my children and grandchildren. It will be the last of 20 books I have written, edited and published.

I’m lucky at 83 to be able to do this. Many people my age have dementia and veg away in a nursing facility. I’m alive and well, recording important events in my life so that I’ll be remembered.