Why the name? When I am introduced in noisy places, my name is often mis-heard.

“Irv Kroeker.” (Pronounced Erv Kraker.)

“What? Earth Quaker?” they say, trying not to laugh, sometimes laughing out loud!

I used to live in the middle of the San Andreas Fault where an earthquake will surely happen – it’s just a matter of time. Good name for my blog, wouldn’t you say?

I lived then in a San Jose addiction recovery center for one year and graduated from it’s program in January of 2009. All my family was there to help celebrate my re-entry into wholesome living.

Whereas the focus during my first seven months in the program was on acquiring addiction recovery tools, it shifted to effective use of those tools. Summed up, that means recognizing triggers and staying clean.

Being a crack addict (a victim of the pull of any drug) sucks. You are a recovering addict for the rest of your life. Eventually it gets easier, and you drop the line from your profile, but you look to your Higher Power every day for wisdom, knowing that even one drink for an alcoholic, or one hoot for a crackhead leads straight to hell. Stay clean and you’re on the better way.

In the eighth month I began a phase called “Job Search”, which meant I was on my own, planning what to do after graduation. You look for a job, or decide what you are going to do.

Everything I did was geared to life in the real world. I had written letters extensively, and pondered now what I should do with them.

I started writing a blog called “Life in the Last Lane”, but that did not last.

I was active in Lincoln Glen Church, the place I called mine while away from Winnipeg, playing the sax Sunday mornings with the worship team.

My daughters continued corresponding, and I was truly grateful. The love from Kirsten, Lara and Rebecca helped pull me back from the edge.

I had mentined them often at house meetings, so when they came to San Jose from Vancouver and Winnipeg, they were already known to the other guys.

It was during that year in recovery I found the name Eaarth Quaker a good match for a new blog.

It seems to be sticking.