Flowers, Critters

Anne-Shirley Clough a name quite enough dandelion fluff spread by a puff from the cheeks of a girl in the meadow at Vita   A fella might-a seen her scamper between the bushes and Antynovitch Road on the way to town Flowers she picked from the open field red and bright yellow a colourful yield […]

A Shorter Wait

Today Anne-Shirley brought me to St. Boniface Hospital for yet another medical appointment, this time a lung scan with a Gamma Camera. Two days ago she took me to a doctor’s appointment that made her wait far too long, sitting alone in the car with the radio on, finding thereon entertainment, but getting more and […]

River Road

One of our favourite drives is along River Road from where it veers off Main Street north of Winnipeg to follow the curves of the Red River 10 kilometers north to Lockport. The Red flows north. It is not unusual that it flows north. Rivers flow in one direction all over the world – downhill. […]


All my life in childhood and in marriage later on, the church I attended became my social hub. I went to the Mennonite Brethren Church when I was a boy. I went to college and became an atheist. After I married Diane, we went to a charismatic church. We attended church Sunday mornings, but we […]

Vita Reprise

We went to Vita the second time on the spur of the moment. Chris was going to be away for an extended period of time beginning in a month, so he wanted to get the job done. The task was smoothing the mound in front of the grave of Dorothy Wish, mother of Anne-Shirley, grandmother […]


Anne-Shirley and I were surprised this Saturday morning to hear her son Chris invite us to go on a day trip to Vita, Manitoba, where his grandmother is buried and his mother was born. Anne-Shirley is my partner. She and I are very social, eating in restaurants often or visiting friends, but Chris is, in […]


I went to an editors’ conference in Vermont 40 years ago when at one of our evening banquets the vegetable on the menu was fiddleheads. I had no idea what they were but people around me knew, and got excited. “Fiddleheads,” a few exclaimed, as they read what was coming. It was spring, and they […]


We were in the Art Circle at the St. Matthew’s-Maryland Drop-in. It met regularly Thursday afternoons. Most of the dozen artists sitting around the horseshoe table were painting with watercolours. I was making a banner. A new person was there. She looked interesting. She was painting a red and green floral scene with acryllics. She […]