Day of the Dead

One more year, the Day of the Dead Gone the woman who shared my bed Drifted away in November mist Gone the woman at night I kissed   Grandma Angel fast became Spirit with wings and heavenly fame Walking along a gold-trimmed street Never again with dusty feet   Brushing the dust away back then […]


She sits by the water and thinks of her daughters Jesus and John in the water you see keeping a date with destiny Touching her knees, she wades out to sea Water still colder than soon it will be  Ocean giant baptismal font Ominous, macabre haunt John baptizes Holy Master Her heart beats faster Ocean […]

Country Cathedral

Together that day, you and I Country cathedral, holy high Country cathedral Sunday morning Spell came on us quick without warning Needed no chalice, psalter or altar Craved no wine or holy water Snow on fire, squinty bright Icicle spires, eavestrough height Shimmering view field after field Snowbank pew, heaven revealed Silence, no sound, we […]

Diane’s Death

We were on tour in Guatemala with 30 passengers in tow. A few of them were parents of students in the Outtatown faculty at Canadian Mennonite University. Semesters took place in Manitoba, Western Canada and a foreign country. Wally Schmidt was Director and Diane was Administrator. The fall semester had just begun in February of […]


On our wedding day October 10, 1966, everything was busy at 3212 81st Street in Queens, New York. Diane was getting ready. while I had to entertain myself at the home of the McGoverns four doors down the street. The Dowling apartment was in the first block off Northern Blvd. Finally it was time. My […]

How I Met Diane

I always said during my 38 years being married to Diane Dowling life would have been boring without her. She brought fun to all we did. We met in Madrid. I was living there with my buddy Matt, and Diane was travelling through Europe with a EurailPass with her friend Mary Beth. Matt and I […]


Our honeymoon was a gift from Mom and Dad Dowling. We went to Puerto Rico Sunday morning after our Saturday, October 10, 1966 wedding. I was not very swift. It did not sink in that it was up to me to arrange transportation from the dance to the hotel. Maureen and her boyfriend of the […]