Our honeymoon was a gift from Mom and Dad Dowling. We went to Puerto Rico Sunday morning after our Saturday, October 10, 1966 wedding.

I was not very swift. It did not sink in that it was up to me to arrange transportation from the dance to the hotel. Maureen and her boyfriend of the day took us to the Holiday Inn near Kennedy International.

We knew we would get a bottle of Champagne there. After check-in, the bellboy placed our suitcases and a bottle on the luggage rack and turned to head for the elevator.

But he turned too fast. The bottle fell off the cart and smashed to the floor.

How embarrassing! Everyone in the lobby now knew we were newlyweds on our way up to the honeymoon suite.

Next morning we flew to San Juan. I could write about our day trips, restaurant meals and strolls through the old part of the city, but I don’t remember much else than lounging in the sun, loving Diane and loving life.

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