Boyhood Dreams

When I was just a boy of ten

I walked to school each day

A mile the path but hundreds then

That led me far astray


There was a bridge that crossed a stream

Where underneath I had

A castle built of golden bricks

Where I reigned as a lad


Twas in this castle where I fought

With victory o’er all

I slayed the bad and fed the poor

And kept a mistress small


The road led on through woods and ferns

Where Robin Hood in strife

Was laid to rest and I beside

To share his roving life


Prairie poplars jungles fierce

That held in every tree

A panther or a tiger’s teeth

To make a meal of me


Placid ponds quite near the school

Were oceans blue with sand

Where Captain Kidd sailed his great fleet

And I to give command


Twas there I fought the icy seas

With Captain Cook’s best men

And there I left my dream til four

When school let out again

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