Dawn Hunter

With the world the birds awake

Tweety songs at dawn’s daybreak

Birds flit by, slept the night through

Owl finds a daytime roost hooty-hoo


Night no more, day is here

Birds with songs of cheer appear

There’s a mimic mockingbird humming

Woodpecker – staccato drumming

Grey old catbird sneaks right by

A dozing dog as it heaves a sigh

Colorful robin pecking down

After a worm not quite in the ground

Lark of the meadow sings notes seven

Wren in the treetop, song from heaven

There’s a melodic song from the lark

Early morning light after dark


Hooty owl explains that he

Was up all night, hunting you see

Off he wings his distant way

Nocturnal bird to now survey

 …the forest for a roost to rest

And during day his prey digest

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