Highwind Lake

Here on the shore of Highwind Lake

I dream away, hardly awake

I sit and wait for a call from the loon

Wait a bit more; she’ll call very soon.

The fire is burning and I am learning

The secret of peace with gentle turning

Away from the rush of yesterday’s city

Here to the shore and a songbird’s ditty.

Cardinals call, a killdeer, a wren

Why when I wait won’t the loon call again?


She had no name when she broke her wing

She could not fly and she dared not sing

Flightless and muted she waited to die

When all at once someone strange passed by

Out of the dark he came one night

From the nether beyond he flew into sight

A phantom feather, a ghost-written song

Touched her wing, then sped along.

Fast as he came he sped away

Into the night beyond the bay.

The loon sensed his touch as mists rose at dawn

She laughed out loud at a speckled fawn.

She flexed her wing – it was mended you see

So she swam from shore on the water with glee

She swam from that place and flew evermore

Beyond the bay to a distant shore.


I sit on the shore waiting to hear

I did not know she would disappear

She flew away beyond the bay

While I just sit alone this way.


Written at Highland Lake in June of 1991

Newly significant February 29, 2004

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