Ode to Chloe


Little Chloe, six months old

Now your journey will unfold

I’ll be gone when you grow tall

Hang my picture on your wall


As a tot you’ll run around

Squealing at the things you’ve found

Toads and worms and robin eggs

Moths and spiders with eight legs


I’ll be here when you’re a tot

Gambol naked, laugh a lot


As a teen you’ll swing and sway

Making boys look back your way

Never mind them, turn your head

Paint your lips not too bright red


I’ll be gone when you’re a teen

Wearing shorts and skinny jeans


As a woman, sassy bold

Confident beyond the mould

Find your strength inside yourself

Walk through life a green-clad elf


I’ll be gone when you leave the nest

Parents suffering much unrest


There on the wall I’ll always be

Seeing you, looking at me


From Your Great Grandfather, age 83

Irvin J Kroeker

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