Farm Etiquette

Farmyard rules never bending

Barnyard work never ending

 Do the chores ever tending

Chickens and sheep, ever mending

Fences to keep the goats

From ending up in the mire

Pure manure

Beyond the wire

Smells to endure


Rules that made you fret and chafe

Rules that always kept you safe

 Never stand behind a horse

It might kick your shin of course

 Never let the chickens roam

Make sure they just end up home

 Get the slop, feed the pigs

Clean the trough in their foul digs

 Milk the cows, feed them oats

Keep the pail away from goats

 Squirt the cat with open mouth

Pull the teat a little south

 Kid at work, barn jobs tending

Finish chores, never ending


Where is Jake our hired man

He will help me if he can


Shades of “Jake And The Kid” by W. O. Mitchell.

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