Jazz Vespers


Was it creation or evolution?

Who cares

when hare and hound

‘cross a stubblefield bound


Was it God

or was it cosmic force?

            Which source?


Crow cawing, bear pawing

      raptor soaring with eagle eye, high over water,

high in the sky

perch below about to die


Was it creation, or was it evolution?


Who cares

when hare and hound

‘cross the stubblefield bound


Is it lightning that’s frightening me, or ions in the stratosphere?

      Is it God speaking that’s freaking me out

or new scientific revelations in the atmosphere?


What scared me yesteryear has come to my ear

as the sweet sound of rain spattering a tin roof

at the beginning of a storm


Flash and thunderclap

make my grandson

jump into my lap


Gradually thunder rolls away

fading into the rhythmic patter

of rain on roof again


Cloudless open sky reveals

      sheaves of wheat

glistening in the stubblefield


Which came first, chicken or egg

mind’s endless thirst…answers we beg of God…



Was it creation or evolution?


Who cares

when hare and hound

‘cross that stubblefield bound


How can the ocean be so beautiful when it swallows people

      not even a steeple able to save

a poor soul from the tidal wave


New sensations, new vibrations

in the evolution of sound

with pizazz


Old songs sung new ways

harmonies that take your breath away

new cosmic force – jazz!


Written September 26, 2004, as a homily for Jazz Vespers at St Mary Magdalene Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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