Munich Beer Mugs


Whenever I look at a mug of beer

I remember the jovial night

Faulty rational world of fear

Lost in the foam so white.


The girl in Munich brimful of fun

Borne on the sea from afar

Lips next to mine could kiss and pun

Naught was there to mar.


No game to play with the girl of the Isle

Whatever suggested she’d do

The meadow dark she kissed with her smile

And only the treetops knew.


The dawning morn, forgotten beer

Two and one thing more

A tender caress from a body near

What an enchanting hour.


Then back to the pubs for a final drink

Before the heat of day

The world was awake and alive with zest

But I just dreamt away.


Dreamt of a night that’s now unreal

Hazy, and only a smile

Sweet with memories of foaming beer

Brings back to me that girl from the Isle.


Munich, Germany. July, 1960.

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