Inner Core

At age of four

      you learned the way

               how not to stray


When you were two

     you did what your Mother said

          or else you went

               straight off to bed


Your Mother taught you heaven’s ways

     To make your way through  a sinful maize


Pray on your knees

     Beside your bed

          don’t forget

               what your Mother said


Pray at night

     Before you crawl in

          Ask for grace and

               Forgiveness of sin


Hit the pillow

     Ask that next day

          You still be alive

               Joke – heh heh


Stop and ask why your love went dead

     Why sinful thoughts invaded your head


Pray the way

     the Rabbi taught

          pray the way

               you know you ought


You can’t ignore your inner core

     It all began when you were four


Your life was a book

    With chronicled parts

         That sometimes ripped

              Your heart apart


Pray that you blossom

    until you know

          how to love again

               and let yourself glow






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