Desert Sandals


I’m in a mood – need solitude

     I walk to the desert in sandals

         leaving the city behind

               in a bridge of candles.


I see the Master, vision at night

     as candles grow dim and die.

         there in the desert a man in white

             Sandalled feet, drawing nigh.


I talk about the daily grind

     we walk the dunes in lunar light

          Master calms my frazzled mind

             in stillness at night.


I lock my arm in his.

     We walk. Two footpaths down a dune.

        He whispers words of wisdom

               Breathing life into my ruin.


I’m learning to walk in the Master’s dust

     a healthy, stealthy pace.

         In a frenzied world I’m learning to trust

               In dangers I face.


My spirit drifts away like ash

   into the vastness of the universe

      the earth gives off a broad new flash

         a cosmic burst


We walk in the desert,

  talk in the night.

     Has it ever

       Happened to you?


Written January 8, 2010, following a sermon “Learning to Walk in the Dust of the Master” by Reverend Joel King, Lincoln Glen Church, San Jose, California

The poem was read by Craig Bosco and set to music by John Armendariz for presentation on the big screen at Lincoln Glen Church Sunday, March 7, 2010. The words were white on black, floating phrase by phrase from top to bottom, from sky above to desert below, as it were.

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