End of Life


Life is a tragic comedy

   a joke as old as time

     humankind exalted hero

         many flaws to rhyme.


“What flaw is that? How exalted?

   pray tell, philosopher.

     Man must die, but soul lives on

         to join with God hereafter!”


There’s the flaw, the hopeless belief

   hope for eternal life

     causing man to struggle on

         in blissful, senseless strife.


A hero yes, but fool as well

   part of the noble race

     evolved above all other species

         ruling now this place.


But how he rules, this haughty man

   killing father with son

     because his god is not the god

         not god of everyone.


Why the misery, why the pain

   why this constant strife?

     Why not live at peace with himself

         Bring that reward to life?


Hope. Fortunate man who can hope

   amidst the fighting he sees

     for life to come, for heaven on high

         despite realities.


Yes man the hero rules the world

   with a hope that’s foul and stale

     Drink! Drink to this man!

         Death will tell the tale.

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