Tony, my old border collie

   herding his field art

Eating rats his only folly

   fast and very smart


Every day he’d show us how

   out through the pasture gate

He’d bark at five and get the cows

   So seldom late


Out on the pasture he’d hunt some mice

and rats and rodents small

Chased them, caught them, bit them twice

   ate them one and all


Then one summer day came trouble:

   Rats all over the field

Dad put poison in the stubble

   Vermin fate now sealed


The rats ate the poison and that’s how they died.

   But alas, Dad’s head in a fog

My Dad forgot. He should have tied up

   Tony, my old dog


Tony caught and ate a rat

   and there at five he lay

Dead on the road, stomach fat

   cows left out that day

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