Vancouver Spring



You Can Fly, You Can Soar

You Can Open Any Door

You Can Sail The Widest Ocean

You Can Set The Wheels In Motion

All You Do Is Start

Listen To Your Heart



Blossoms pink replace the snow

Smell them standing tippy-toe

Make-believe is always new

Let spring bring fresh dreams to you – REFRAIN



Summer sun, straw hat askew

Sandal worn instead of shoe

Dripping paddle gently dipping

‘long the strait, fishes flipping – REFRAIN


Watch the wafting autumn leaves

Fill the gutters, plugging eaves

Pungent woodsmoke, burning brush

Flames consuming summer’s lush – REFRAIN



Snow still falling ‘way past eight

Put on snowboard, put on skate

Vancouver winter, quite a sight

Watch your Grandpa’s hair go white – REFRAIN



Blossoms come right after snow

Still you’re walking tippy-toe

Make-believe to you will bring

Heart of Zoe, heart of spring – REFRAIN


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