The Hat


I was forbidden things

In younger days

I couldn’t do this

I couldn’t do that

I wore a black hat

A spiritual hood

That kept me good


Then the wind

Blew my hat off.

Suddenly my brain

Was exposed to sunlight

New adventures previously hidden

New joys before forbidden

New philosophies


I painted acrylics

Up in a tree

Drew some pictures

With tinctures

Vivid and livid

For you to see.


I was a poet

Up in that tree

Writing words

Of fantasy.


I played the sax

While in that tree

Wrote a song

About being free.


The Hat never came back.

That was me

My hat blown off

My brain spewing out

In bits and bytes

That made me curse

The universe.


Drugs the curse.


My limits were endless.

I abused my freedom

Love made useless

Hedonist kingdom.

That was me

Young and free


Now I am old

Living in isolation

Illusions of freedom

Gone with the wind

My hatless brain

Emptied of grey matter

Rendered impotent

As an ominous pre-death event


Would that I

Were young again

To choose a better way


Would that I

Grow old again

With different words to say.


July 3, 2020

Written as an assignment for reading at the next discussion led by The Reverend Aubrey Hemminger at the WestEnd Commons.

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