Paska Reprise


Years ago I wrote this story about getting a loaf of paska from my favourite cousin Katherine Penner. It was, in fact, back in the 20th century.

Now, 22 years into the 21st century, I still get a paska loaf from Kathy the week before Easter. Our lives have undergone drastic changes. She and Lloyd have seen two grandchildren pass away, and I have lost my spouse of 38 years.

I have a new late-in-life partner and my social world has changed except for Lloyd and Katherine Penner, who remain good friends ever since my childhood as far as Lloyd is concerned, and then high school where we all went.

And the loaf of Paska!

Last week I sorted my photo collection and decided to give batches of pictires I know my daughters will not keep to my friends. The Penner pile was high.

I called Kathy to ask if she would be willing to come and get the pictures since I don’t get around much any more.

“I won’t come this week, but next,” she said. “It’s getting close to Easter and I’ll bring your loaf of paska.”

Another year, another loaf. Some things remain constant in a world of change.

We’ll have coffee and dainties when she and Lloyd come, but we won’t cut the Easter loaf. That will be our special treat Easter morning when Anne-Shirley and I contemplate going to church, but decide to stay home.

I am grateful for friends like the Penners. They continue enriching my life and reminding me of my heritage.

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