I believe in Angels

Just as much as God

Some say that is odd


Angels – scientifically proven matter

Helping you through all the clutter


Angels do good things to earn their wings

Show you a path for wandering


Angels bring a song when you’re down

And sing it for you like a clown


Angels pull you back from the pit

Stop you from falling into it

Snakes down there, demons and such

No one returns from their vicious clutch


Deep in the heart of New Mexico once,

I tried to climb a wall.

I almost died


Rocky face gave footholds step by step

Behind me deep and dangerous depth


I couldn’t go up anymore

I couldn’t go back

To lessen my load

I dropped my pack


A crowd of people below

My sister and all

Waiting for my certain fall


An Angel came by

With a heave and a sigh

Picked me up by the belt

Until I felt

Safe again on a grassy plateau

That angel beside me

That had helped me so

Caressing me, my racing heart

Embraced in this most heavenly art


“I was down there praying all the while,”

My sister said, back a mile


So now I know that Angels exist

Always ready with an assist


If you think they will pass you by

Pray one down, give it a try!

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