Isabella was born to Rebecca with the help of her Dad Wayne and a midwife on the couch in the front room of their house on Vialoux Drive in Charleswood. It was a happy day. I got to see and hold her that evening.

Later on, when she was in school, she got music lessons from her mother. Rebecca pretended she was someone else. She would put on a purple hat and high boots, go outside and ring the doorbell. When Isabella answered the door, Rebecca would say:
“Good Morning. I’m your music teacher!”

Since that time Isabella has learned to also play the fiddle and trumpet. She takes fiddling lessons from Cathy Rayner, our neighbor when she and Rebecca were growing up best friends. Now Cathy puts Isabella on stage at times to play the tunes she has taught her young student..

Isabella is a teen now. At 14 she is exhibiting independence by making her own decisions what parties to attend, or not attend, and doing well in school with top students.

She says she wants to be a vet, although she has a difficult time cutting things open. That could be a problem, she admits. She volunteers at a Pet Rescue shop where she cleans cages and cuddles little animals. It’s her first volunteering assignment.

She has gone to summer horse camps where she has learned not only how to ride, but also how to love farm animals.

Whenever the family goes camping, Isabella takes along her violin.

Oh, excuse me…her fiddle!

Music at night by firelight is a sure thing on such trips. When I go to visit, Rebecca says to her children:

“Kids, get your instruments out. Grandpa wants to hear you play.”

They grumble at first, but after only a short while they enjoy the music as much as me.

What a Granddaughter! She will go far in life. I am very proud of her.

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