Beware of God


I prayed for just one little child

Just one – he gave me four.

Quadruplets, yes, they drove me wild

I wanted one, no more


I prayed and asked for just one kid

He blithely gave me four

Unaware of what He did

I’m sure I want no more


I didn’t clearly say

I wanted only one

God thought that he would have

At my expence, some godly fun.


God gives, what He thinks best

And doesn’t let you know

He puts you through a gruelling test

And says He loves you so


It took fourscore and fifteen years

To raise my kids now grown

Took patience, love and many tears

His holy fun, my moan


Let’s, dear God, try this again

I want a little child

Stop your pranks, remember when

Four nearly drove me wild?

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