Non-resistance is the distinguishing aspect of Menno Simons’ teachings.


All Christian denominations have a way of finding God through Jesus Christ. That’s what makes them Christians.


To think that JC is a personal friend is egocentric. To think that Menno Simons has a monopoly on the principle of accepting JC as a personal saviour is narrow-minded.


JC was a historic figure who influenced the world. The personal relationship a Christian has with JC is in his or her own mind.


To say that a personal relationship with JC is of supreme importance makes JC more important than God. God the Creator is the being we worship.


To say that the distinguishing characteristic of Menno Simons’ writings is a personal relationship with JC, is a futile effort to raise something the same as everything else up from homogeneity. In their belief in JC as saviour, Mennonites join all other Christians.


Non-resistance forced Mennonites to migrate to locations all over the world.


Non-resistance sets Mennonites apart.

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