Christmas Parade


The dance of life, a dance of love

A dance come down from the skies above

Dance that day when a world unaware

Was changed for all time by baby hair

Spirit dance like a gamboling lamb

A field of clouds from The Great I Am

Wind of the spirit banners flap

Tiptoe ‘round while the babe takes a nap


John’s Desert Dance

John danced with locusts in sun and sand

While desert wind scorched his outstretched hand

Someone is coming someone new

Dance in the desert dance in your pew

Dance til the day the baby comes

Tie up your fingers tie up your thumbs

Someone is coming someone new

Dance with John he gives the cue


Dance of the Shepherds

Who’s on watch

Restless they wait


Historic date


Cannot sleep

Cannot keep still

Stirred the flock moves up a hill

Darkness gives way to brilliant light

Angels sing all in white

Shepherds fall on their knees in awe

And dance their way right out of that field


Dance of the Family

You can dance for joy in a dance of life

You can dance with your kids

You can dance with your wife

You can dance to a song a Christmas tune

Baby Jesus coming soon

Step inside the Christmas door

Dance across the brilliant floor

Dance with the Babe upon your arm

Show the shepherds its innocent charm

Show the wise men their little King

Show the angels their reason to sing

Dance with the baby hold him high

Turn and twirl for passersby

Dance to the manger where Jesus was laid

Step to the dance of a Christmas Parade


Written for a Christmas program to launch a book about Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute during the school’s 50th anniversary, December 1995

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