Sunday Blues


Sunday morning, soul sad an’ blue

Singin’ a song an’ cryin’ some too.


Sunday is foggy, a misty haze

Sound of a bell from my growin’-up days.

Church bells past call my soul to be still

But most of the time they give me a chill.



This is God!

I drop my head

Look up with a nod.


Why am I here? Who cares, anyway?

Would I be missed if I were away?

This ain’t no church, just a bar where I play

The blues on my sax, the sad slow way.


What are they sayin’? Why don’t they choose

To see the real me, when I’m off the booze?

I’m so alone, achin’, confused.

Yearnin’ for love, but feelin’ jus’ used.


Never trust no one, keep up your guard.

Look away once, an’ they’ll cut you with shards.

The journey’s too long, why keep on tryin’?

A smokey blues song ’bout livin’ and dyin’.


Played the blues on the bayou last night

Sound was good and the beat was tight.

Five in the mornin’, horns put away

Sun come up, another hot day.


Sunday morning, soul sad an’ blue

Singin’ a song, an’ cryin’ some too.

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