Bishop’s Chair

God sitting up in the Bishop’s chair

Eyes glued tight to his i-Pad there

Spelling out to us on Earth

Who we are, it brings him mirth


You go up and you go down

You get shot and you will drown

Tapping out with bits and bytes

Names of blacks, killed by whites


Long true lists of women framed

Men of war, badly maimed


Is that God, sitting on high

Naming those he says will die?


“Not like that at all,” say I

Myths of youth are one big lie

We’re not pawns of godly whims

Despite the words we sing in hymns


God for Muslims, God for Buddhists

God for Christians, many a creed

God for Jews, that’s good news

God for men and women in need


God for drunkards, God for crackheads

God for addicts when they fall

God for homeless, God for hungry

God is there for those who call


God for black men, God for red men

God for Asians and Caucasians

God for those who hear the loons

God for clowns and awkward goons


God for women, God for children

God for sisters, brothers too

God for Grandpa, God for Grandma

God be there for me and you


God the rock of ages past

God the rock will always last

God the rocker sitting there

Rockin’ in the Bishop’s chair


God the dancer, life enhancer

God for people everywhere

God in heaven. Gotta go there

Just to see him in that chair.

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