My Mirror


Afraid and sad I look at life, alone and insecure

A yearning in my heart I feel for someone true and pure


I play the weary game of life, I have a gambler’s heart

Each person that I meet I hope will love and give her part


I sing the minor melody and know the tune too well

I long to sing a happy song that from my soul would swell


I paint a picture of my past and ponder on its pain

The oils remorseful, dull and dark no brightness ever feign


Reflections of my spirit’s mood I see in every pool

That shivers in the summer breeze and plays me for a fool


I walk the rolling path of life from one crest to the next

Horizons lure, and then reveal a valley more perplexed


If only I had stayed a child with vision undisturbed

Unseeing eyes would let me dream of hopes that now are curbed


My hope now lies in someone else to lovingly reflect

The image I have made of me in her own dialect


And so until my mirror comes, I’ll sing and paint and walk

I’ll smile at all who smile at me, and laugh at smile’s own mock


Published in San Jose City College Projections, a literary magazine, Volume 1, Spring, 1961.

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