Paradigm Shift II

I stand in the Alps, breathtaking view

My restless eyes want something new

I look up the Maypole, sky quite odd.

Beyond the blue, is there a God?

I look back down, I look to the west

I gaze and hope I’ll find some rest

Hopeful I gaze quarter turn to the right

Northern lights, brilliant night

One-eighty turn, I look down south

Tall tales told by word of mouth

Next quarter turn again to the right

Paradigm shift by end of night

Looking east at dawn’s first beam

Precipitous ledge beside a stream

A lumbering beast, making her way

Cubs behind, a dangerous way

I look straight up, the sky is blue

Nothing has changed, it still has its hue

I muse this time if God is good

If he loves me, as surely he should

Sitting there, warming a chair

Looking for me with a stony stare

He looks with me to east and west

To north and south, I am his guest.

Beyond the blue, a punitive God

I find this all to be most odd.

A God beyond reach beyond the blue

A God who can’t find peace for you.

Looking east and looking west

Laughing at you as you seek rest

The paradigm shift, left to right

Hilltop to vale, day to night

Night closes in, daylight gone

Blue to black, another con

God the myth, historic phase

Tales drawn down from bygone days

Looking east and looking west

Seeing views that won’t give rest

Forget looking up, nothing there

But blue on blue, and an empty chair

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