Grey Cup

Watching the Grey Cup at home


The Earl Grey Cup, a November feud

Time for drinks and a festive mood

A touchdown pass, the stadium roars

A drink of gin as our team scores


Watch the game – go team go

Temperature sits at one below

A cheer comes out of sold-out seats

Blue and gold just turned up the heat


Mid-game show, first half reviewed.

Time to get some finger food

Excitement high, annual game

Epic cup of Canadian fame



Half-time done, the refs stand by

The ball is kicked; it went way high

The team we love is doing well

The other team can go to hell


Other towns and Winnipeg

Lots of beer, measured by keg

Bombers in November huddles

When it rains they play in puddles


Hurry get a bag of chips

Cheerleaders do their sexy dips

Watch the game. We hope to win

Yes. I’ll have another gin.

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