I am a young man

   trapped in an old man’s body

     loving a young girl that

         skips away like Mopsy

           then turns to look at me

               smiling, an invitation

                 to run with the wind with her

                     across the sand to the sea.


       Across the undulating prairie

           I see an apparition

             Samantha, wearing white cape

                 riding white steed

                   stopping to turn again

                       love extending

                         forgetting other men

                             smiling at just me.


               In the morning

                   she gives me a hug

                     her arms outstretched,

                         another invitation

                           to fetch for her

                               a harvest moon

                                 or the sun at noon.



My weakened legs

   won’t run with the wind.

     My aging body

         renders my desire


               the fire that burns

                 inside me turns

                   to ashes.


           would that I

             be young once more


                   I’ll adore



Irvin James Kroeker

Leipzig Serenity Retreat

Completion Day

October 4, 2013

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