The Wolf Song

  Once when our children were young, I took them on a wildlife hunt through Whiteshell Provincial Park. We played a discovery game to count the number of wildlife species we could see or hear. This special day, we “spied with our little eyes” several deer, a beaver, a bear and many smaller creatures. As […]

White-tailed Deer

  There are many deer species in the world. They range from the familiar white-tailed deer which came to Manitoba a century ago, to exotics such as the Japanese sika, European red, Indian hog, Kashmir roe, Malayan pygmy or, closer to home, the mule deer. But when you talk about deer in this province, it‘s […]

Whiskey Jack

  It arrives like a ghost. You may be sitting beside your campfire dozing through a lazy summer afternoon when everything is still. There’s a soft, almost inaudible whoosh, and you take no note but the whiskey jack has arrived. It perches on a branch or stump and, while your eyes are still closed, gives […]

Where’s the Camera?

  We were driving along Falcon Lake’s south shore last year when suddenly Diane spotted a bird standing on the gravel shoulder. It was late summer and grassy vegetation behind the bird had already begun turning to fall colors, so it was difficult to see the brownish looking bird, but there it stood, dead still, […]

Thirds for the Birds

It’s quiet. You’ve walked through a garage to the back. Moments ago, even from the freshly shoveled front walk, you heard dozens of birds chirping, but now there’s a hush. The door behind has slammed, and you’re standing in the back yard. A Canada jay whisks by, the sound of its wingbeat heavy but barely […]


  The killdeer is an actor worthy of an Oscar. If you come too close to her nest – often a shallow impression in the gravel shoulder of a country road – she feigns a broken wing and lures you away. You follow her, as do her natural enemies, but you never get near. If […]

Hummingbird Myth

  It’s a myth. Hummingbirds do not migrate under the wings of geese. I don’t know how the myth got started, but it’s not true. Hummingbirds migrate much earlier than geese, like in July, whereas Canada geese go south three months later in October. Geese overwinter in the southern United States, but hummingbirds fly across […]

The Alps

The towering Alps reach high to the sky, Too tall for me, busy pursuer of life, to climb   But my gaze lingers there; I long for something secure Surely brought by on the wing of time.   Written in Oberammergau, Germany, 1960, during midday break at the Passion Play.


Here on a hillside, quiet and serene I sit and wonder at the places I’ve seen And none compare to this solitary place Where life takes on a leisurely pace.  Up on the hill a prison looms Telling of heartaches, lies and wounds But here one is free, as free as the wind To wander […]

Highwind Lake

Here on the shore of Highwind Lake I dream away, hardly awake I sit and wait for a call from the loon Wait a bit more; she’ll call very soon. The fire is burning and I am learning The secret of peace with gentle turning Away from the rush of yesterday’s city Here to the […]