Chloe’s First

This dinner gathering was the first time Chloe, my great granddaughter, was with my extended family. She kept us entertained with her laughter and shrieks of delight. I am overwhelmed, more than in past times, by the goodness I have been shown by the people around this table. It is symbolic that we are at […]

“Follow Me”

Diane was hostess of “Follow Me”, a children’s TV show grown out of Trinity Television’s “It’s A New Day”. It was telecast on CKND-TV in Winnipeg. Kids at school would ask my daughters Monday how come they had been on TV Saturday morning. That’s because they and other children of Diane’s friends were the studio […]

Our Beardies

  An outstanding period in our family was the time when we had two bearded collies. The beardie is a great family dog, a breed registered after World War II, a relative of the border collie. Both breeds are from Scotland, the border with short hair from the lower Highlands, and the beardie with long […]

Mennonite Food

  Being a Mennonite in Manitoba is living in a microcosm of Mennonites worldwide. Around the world there are Mennonites in almost every country, Their numbers are vast. There are more Mennonites in India than in Canada. There are also many Mennonite branches. Being a Mennonite means being baptized into a Mennonite church membership and […]

Greyfriars Bobby

  The story of this famous dog found life in our family at bedtime. There’s a statue of Greyfriars Bobby in Edinborough, but a weathered picture I found long ago still hangs on my office wall after migrating through the years from bedroom to bedroom as my three daughters grew up. The picture is of […]


Like his sister, Max was born on the couch in the front room of their home in Charleswood. At 11 years old, he’s already a good conversationalist far beyond the level of other boys his age. He gets it from his mother. Together they deliver honey and talk with people, Rebecca and Max talking with […]


Isabella was born to Rebecca with the help of her Dad Wayne and a midwife on the couch in the front room of their house on Vialoux Drive in Charleswood. It was a happy day. I got to see and hold her that evening. Later on, when she was in school, she got music lessons […]


Justin lived in our house on Maplewood Avenue the first six months of his life, where Diane, his grandmother, and I watched Kirsten, his mother, bathe him in our kitchen sink. He always had a special place in the heart of his grandmother. When he was a few years old the two of them would […]

The Pall

The Pall that covered Diane‘s coffin at her funeral was an unusual sight. It was big. It draped down front and back and on both sides to the floor. It was made of the clothing she had with her in Guatemala while on tour. She was a vibrant dresser, so the pall had bright colors. […]

Quilt cover

In celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of Helena (Wiens Kroeker) Dyck and Peter Dyck, a quilt cover measuring 7 feet wide and 9 feet long was made for them. The year was 1942, the middle of World War II. War was important to the people of Winkler in a converse way because most of […]