Boyhood Dreams

When I was just a boy of ten I walked to school each day A mile the path but hundreds then That led me far astray   There was a bridge that crossed a stream Where underneath I had A castle built of golden bricks Where I reigned as a lad   Twas in this […]

Farm Etiquette

Farmyard rules never bending Barnyard work never ending  Do the chores ever tending Chickens and sheep, ever mending Fences to keep the goats From ending up in the mire Pure manure Beyond the wire Smells to endure   Rules that made you fret and chafe Rules that always kept you safe  Never stand behind a […]

Inner Core

At age of four       you learned the way                how not to stray   When you were two      you did what your Mother said           or else you went                straight off to bed   Your Mother taught you heaven’s ways      To make your way through  a sinful maize […]

Rice and Curry

My favourite recipe is Rice and Curry. I learned how to make it from my mother. She learned how to make it from missionaries on furlough. When I was young and growing up on the farm near Winkler, we went to the Mennonite Brethren Church in town. That church sponsored missionaries to foreign lands who […]

Farm Memories

The last big health scare happened 100 years ago. It was the Spanish flu of 1918, the year my parents got married. Dad was very sick with flu the day of their wedding. They moved onto land seven miles southeast of Winkler, cleared the bush for a farmyard, planted a vegetable garden and built a […]

Electric Fence

The farm where I grew up near Winkler was often a place of mystery, but things I did not understand as a boy sometimes became my playthings. Take, for example the arrival of electricity. It was after World War II when I was about 10 years old. All the news was about electrification of rural […]

Poplar Tree

There was a significant 100-year-old poplar tree on our farmland at Winkler, Manitoba that had grown into a cluster of seven or eight trees, all of them old, tall and leafless in summer by the middle of the 20th century. That tree was a landmark for the young people of Winkler who came to visit […]

First Day at School

School starts again this week. Labour Day has passed and the time has come for my grandchildren to pick uo their knapsacks and go. I never made it to school my first day back in 1944. It was Tuesday, September 5, the day after Labour Day. I was six years old, enrolled in Grade One. […]


I never was much good at sports. Give me pen and paper and I’ll write a story. Give me a sheet of staff paper and I’ll compose a song. Give me a brush and canvas, and I’ll paint a scene. But baseball? Or hockey? Not fun to watch because the ball and puck are too […]