Flowers, Critters

Anne-Shirley Clough a name quite enough dandelion fluff spread by a puff from the cheeks of a girl in the meadow at Vita   A fella might-a seen her scamper between the bushes and Antynovitch Road on the way to town Flowers she picked from the open field red and bright yellow a colourful yield […]

Empty Dawn

Empty closet, empty heart. Empty morning, day won’t start Lost my plans to carry on Since I learned that you are gone  I thought of us as one. But your half of me Just left, me feeling bereft With empty hands at grace to pray Empty plate and nothing to say I never strayed too […]

Grey Cup

Watching the Grey Cup at home   The Earl Grey Cup, a November feud Time for drinks and a festive mood A touchdown pass, the stadium roars A drink of gin as our team scores   Watch the game – go team go Temperature sits at one below A cheer comes out of sold-out seats […]

Watch the Game

  Half-time show. Ho ho ho. Time for tea for you and me Tea for two and maybe more A drink of gin before they score   Watch the show. No no no. Turn not off, just turn it low The sound is loud, the cheering crowd Is filled with women well endowed   Half-time […]

You Hoo

  You hoo …that you in the woods?   We can do what we will For the thrill Of meeting like this.   I wouldn’t miss This chance to dance With you in the forest   …and be your dearest    

Northern Lights

When Northern Lights drift close to you They’re after your spirit. Bid your adieux!   They’ll carry you off to other souls Already there in that big black hole   Electric, magnetic, gigantic spheres Travel by star in universe years   I watched the Northern Lights quite often Near Anne-Shirley’s open coffin    When at […]

Beware of God

  I prayed for just one little child Just one – he gave me four. Quadruplets, yes, they drove me wild I wanted one, no more   I prayed and asked for just one kid He blithely gave me four Unaware of what He did I’m sure I want no more   I didn’t clearly […]


  I believe in Angels Just as much as God Some say that is odd   Angels – scientifically proven matter Helping you through all the clutter   Angels do good things to earn their wings Show you a path for wandering   Angels bring a song when you’re down And sing it for you […]

Ode to Chloe

  Little Chloe, six months old Now your journey will unfold I’ll be gone when you grow tall Hang my picture on your wall   As a tot you’ll run around Squealing at the things you’ve found Toads and worms and robin eggs Moths and spiders with eight legs   I’ll be here when you’re […]

Jazz Vespers

  Was it creation or evolution? Who cares when hare and hound ‘cross a stubblefield bound   Was it God or was it cosmic force?             Which source?   Crow cawing, bear pawing       raptor soaring with eagle eye, high over water, high in the sky perch below about to die   Was it creation, […]