My grandson Brendan is 23 years old already. It’s shocking to realize how quickly time has flown since he was born. It seems like just yesterday.

In his two decades I have watched him graduate from elementary and high school and university. He attended Saint John’s Ravenscourt High, known to be the best boys school in Winnipeg.

After graduation from there he enrolled in Western University in London, Ontario, where he lived in a dormitory at first, and then with buddies in a rented house.

The COVID-19 pandemic upset his plan. He had anticipated graduating in London and finding a job somewhere in North America. The university cancelled classes and Brendan moved back to Winnipeg where he found a good job organizing university tutors. He loved his job right from the start and soon began bringing coffee and donuts for his colleagues Friday mornings.

While he does administrative work at his job, he also tutors half a dozen university students.

All through university he studied diligently. Now he finds satisfaction in helping others discover wider worlds. It is an honour to be his Grandpa

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