On Safari in Kenya

After Diane died, my friend Godfrey Mawejje said I should go to Uganda to teach kids in his Kalagala school how to play music. I thought that to be a good idea.

My daughters heard about it and took the plan to great heights. They organized a family tour to Uganda. Lara built a website to raise funds to build a music hall on the school grounds in honour of Diane.

All but one of my family members went to Uganda. We had a big celebration to dedicate the music hall to the memory of Diane. My oldest daughter Kirsten bought a cow which was slaughtered and made into a meal for 400 people from the village at this big event. My grandson Justin played soccer with the students, and granddaughter Zoe made music with the girls.

After the celebration my family went on Safari in Kenya. Having been a travel agent, my daughter Rebecca made excellent arrangements for a guided tour through Kenya’s wildlife preserves. Our guide James was excellent. He knew where to find wildlife so well that other drivers called him on the cell phone to ask where they should go.

The most significant event was watching a pride of lions attack and kill an oryx.

“That’s nature in the raw,” Zoe said.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip, my family traversing the world’s greatest place to see wildlife. The first big animals we saw were giraffes and zebras. By the end of the tour we had seen so many it was old hat.

My daughters have photo collections of pictures they took.

Being on Safari with my family was, indeed, the trip of my lifetime.

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