Trinity TV

When I moved to Winnipeg from Nebraska to become editor of Manitoba Moods, my cousins Willard and Betty Thiessen launched the It’s A New Day show under a company they named Trinity Television Inc. Betty and Willard, Edith and Jim Wimbush, and Diane and I were charter members.

Willard negotiated with CKND TV in Winnipeg to have the show aired daily. Diane coordinated the counsellors who answered phones from callers with prayer requests. I was Floor Manager.

We went on trips to promote the show and sponsored fund-raising banquets.

A year later, they invited Diane to be hostess on Follow Me, a show for children. Our daughters often appeared on the set. Their classmates in school would ask how come they were on TV? I don’t know if they had a good answer. Children of our friends got to be on the show as well.

Trinity Television was eventually taken over by daughter Audrey and her husband Bob Meisner. We have tapes of those shows when our daughters were television stars.

After Willard and Betty passed the mantle to Bob and Audrey, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

That was a significant era in our family life.

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